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Microsoft.Office.Tools.Ribbon Namespace (2007 System)

The Microsoft.Office.Tools.Ribbon namespace contains components, controls, and supporting collections, classes, and enumerations that enable you to customize the Ribbon in the user interface (UI) of several Microsoft Office applications.

All of the controls in the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Ribbon namespace can be added to your Office customization by dragging them from the Office Ribbon Controls tab of the ToolBox onto the Ribbon Designer. In addition, the RibbonMenu control enables you to add the following controls at run time:

To add these controls to a RibbonMenu at run time, you must set the Dynamic property of the menu to true at design time.

When you create a control at run time to add to a menu, you can change any properties of the newly created control before you add it to the menu. After you add a control to a menu, some of its properties become read-only. For more information, see Ribbon Object Model Overview.

You can use other properties to control the appearance and behavior of your controls at run time. For example, you can implement run-time changes to the user interface by using the Enabled and Visible properties to enable, disable, show, and hide controls that were added at design time.

Public classOfficeRibbonServes as the base class for Microsoft Office Ribbon customizations.
Public classRibbonBoxArranges and aligns controls on a custom Ribbon.
Public classRibbonButtonRepresents a button on a custom Ribbon.
Public classRibbonButtonCollectionRepresents a collection of RibbonButton objects.
Public classRibbonButtonGroupRepresents a group of button controls on a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonCheckBoxRepresents a check box control on a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonComboBoxRepresents a combo box on a custom Ribbon.
Public classRibbonComponentBase class for controls on a custom Ribbon.
Public classRibbonComponentCollection<T>Represents a collection of Ribbon components.
Public classRibbonControlThe base class for controls in a Microsoft Office customization.
Public classRibbonControlEventArgsProvides data for a variety of events that are raised in a Microsoft Office customization.
Public classRibbonControlIdEncapsulates an identification string that Microsoft Office uses to refer to controls.
Public classRibbonDialogLauncherRepresents a small standardized icon on a group that can be used to open a dialog box.
Public classRibbonDropDownRepresents a list of items that a user can choose from and a list of Ribbon buttons that a user can click.
Public classRibbonDropDownItemRepresents an item in a drop-down list in a RibbonDropDownItemCollection.
Public classRibbonDropDownItemCollectionRepresents a collection of RibbonDropDownItem objects.
Public classRibbonEditBoxRepresents an edit box on a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonEventAttributeInfrastructure.
Public classRibbonGalleryRepresents a control that displays a menu of RibbonDropDownItem objects and RibbonButton controls.
Public classRibbonGroupRepresents a group of controls on a Ribbon tab.
Public classRibbonLabelRepresents a label on a RibbonGroup or RibbonBox.
Public classRibbonLoadImageEventArgsProvides data for the LoadImage event.
Public classRibbonManagerManages the custom Ribbons in a Visual Studio Tools for Office project.
Public classRibbonMenuRepresents a menu on a Ribbon tab or on the Microsoft Office Menu.
Public classRibbonOfficeMenuProvides access to controls that you add to the Microsoft Office Menu.
Public classRibbonPositionRepresents the location of a Ribbon control on the Microsoft Office Menu relative to a built-in control, the location of a tab relative to a built-in tab, or the location of a group relative to a built-in group.
Public classRibbonReadOnlyCollectionProvides access to the OfficeRibbon instances in a Ribbon customization.
Public classRibbonSeparatorRepresents a separator control for a group or menu on the Ribbon. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classRibbonSplitButtonA Ribbon control that combines a button or a toggle button and a drop-down menu. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classRibbonTabContains one or more groups of controls on the Ribbon. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classRibbonToggleButtonRepresents a toggle button control on a Ribbon. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classRibbonUIEventArgsProvides data for events that are raised in the Ribbon. This class cannot be inherited.

Public enumerationRibbonBoxStyleSpecifies whether controls are aligned vertically or horizontally on a RibbonBox.
Public enumerationRibbonButtonTypeSpecifies the type of button that a RibbonSplitButton displays.
Public enumerationRibbonControlIdTypeContains values that determine whether a RibbonControlId identifies a Microsoft Office control or a custom control.
Public enumerationRibbonPositionTypeSpecifies the position of a control on the Microsoft Office Menu, a group of controls on a built-in tab, or a tab among built-in or custom tabs.

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