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XdTaskPaneType Enumeration (Microsoft.Office.Interop.InfoPath)

The XdTaskPaneType enumeration is used to determine the type of Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 task pane that is currently displayed.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.InfoPath
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.InfoPath (in microsoft.office.interop.infopath.dll)

Public Enumeration XdTaskPaneType
Dim instance As XdTaskPaneType

 Member nameDescription
xdTaskPaneBulletsNumberingThe Bullets and Numbering task pane. Used for applying bullet and numbering styles to a form. 
xdTaskPaneClipArtThe Clip Art task pane. Used for inserting clip art into a form. 
xdTaskPaneDesignerNewThe Design a Form task pane. Used to design a new form, open a form in design mode, or select a form to fill out. 
xdTaskPaneFillOutAFormThe Fill Out a Form task pane. Used to open a form to fill out or design. 
xdTaskPaneFindThe Find task pane. Used to search for text in a form. 
xdTaskPaneFormattingThe Font task pane. Used to format text. 
xdTaskPaneHelpThe Help task pane. Used to display the InfoPath Help system. 
xdTaskPaneHTMLThe InfoPath custom task pane. Used by form developers to provide extra form functionality. 
xdTaskPaneHWSWorkflowThe Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Human Workflow Services (HWS) Workflow task pane. 
xdTaskPaneParaFormattingThe Paragraph task pane. Used to configure properties of paragraphs including alignment and spacing. 
xdTaskPaneReplaceThe Replace task pane. Used to find and replace text in a form. 
xdTaskPaneSearchResultsThe Search Results task pane. Used to display the results of a search. 
xdTaskPaneSpellingThe Spelling task pane. Used to check the spelling in a form. 

These enumerated values are returned by the TaskPaneType property. These values are also used as the positional argument to the Item property.

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