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Microsoft.Kinect Namespace

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Describes the managed code APIs.
Public ClassAllFramesReadyEventArgsThese event arguments provide information about an KinectSensor.AllFramesReady Event.
Public ClassBeamAngleChangedEventArgsThese event arguments provide information about a KinectAudioSource for a KinectAudioSource.BeamAngleChanged event.
Public ClassBoneOrientationContains orientation information for an individual bone in a skeleton.
Public ClassBoneOrientationCollectionContains a collection of bone orientations for a skeleton.
Public ClassBoneRotationContains rotation data for a single bone.
Public ClassColorCameraSettingsContains the color camera settings, which are used for tuning the capture of color data based on enviromental conditions.
Public ClassColorImageFrameA buffer for color data streamed out of a sensor. Also provides access to the dimension and format of the color data.
Public ClassColorImageFrameReadyEventArgsThe event arguments provided in a KinectSensor.ColorFrameReady event when a frame of color data is ready.
Public ClassColorImageStreamRepresents a stream of color data, contained in ColorImageFrame objects.
Public ClassCoordinateMapperMaps the different data types (skeleton, depth, and color) between coordinate spaces. This class requires a KinectSensor.
Public ClassDepthImageFrameContains a per-frame buffer for depth data streamed out of a sensor. Also provides access to the dimensions and format of the data in addition to mapping between skeleton and color coordinate spaces.
Public ClassDepthImageFrameReadyEventArgsThe event arguments provided in a KinectSensor.DepthFrameReady event when a frame of depth data is ready.
Public ClassDepthImageStreamRepresents a stream of depth data, contained in DepthImageFrame objects.
Public ClassImageFrameContains a per-frame buffer for color or depth data streamed out of a sensor.
Public ClassImageStreamThe abstract base class for an ImageStream class, which the color and depth streams use to stream data out of a sensor.
Public ClassJointCollectionContains a collection of joint structures for a skeleton.
Public ClassKinectAudioSourceContains audio capture and audio source location functionality.
Public ClassKinectSensorRepresents a Kinect sensor.
Public ClassKinectSensorCollectionRepresents a collection of Kinect sensors, each of which is represented by a KinectSensor object.
Public ClassNuiDepthFilter Wrapper of a native filter to be applied to depth frame data.
Public ClassSkeletonContains skeleton tracking data, which is joint data that is streamed out of a Kinect in the skeleton stream.
Public ClassSkeletonFrameContains a per-frame buffer for skeleton data streamed out of a sensor. Also provides access to the floor clipping plane and the number of skeletons tracked.
Public ClassSkeletonFrameReadyEventArgsThe event arguments provided in a KinectSensor.SkeletonFrameReady event when a frame of skeleton data is ready.
Public ClassSkeletonStreamMaintains the stream of skeleton data.
Public ClassSoundSourceAngleChangedEventArgsThe event arguments provided in a KinectAudioSource.SoundSourceAngleChanged event provide information about a KinectAudioSource.
Public ClassStatusChangedEventArgsThe event arguments provided in a KinectSensorCollection.StatusChanged event when the status of a sensor changes.
Public InterfaceIDepthFilter Reserved for future use.
Public StructureColorImagePointContains a single point in a frame of color data.
Public StructureDepthImagePixelContains a single pixel in a frame of depth data.
Public StructureDepthImagePointContains a single point in a frame of depth data.
Public StructureJointContains joint data for one skeleton joint, such as the joint type, position, and whether the joint is being tracked.
Public StructureMatrix4Contains a 4x4 row-major matrix containing the joint rotation information in the top left 3x3 and zero for translation.
Public StructureSkeletonPointContains a 3D position (or point) in skeleton space.
Public StructureTransformSmoothParametersContains parameters for smoothing skeleton data using a mathematical transform.
Public StructureVector4Contains a 4-element (X,Y,Z,W) vector.
Public EnumerationBacklightCompensationModeBacklight compensation modes for adjusting the camera to capture data dependent on environmental conditions.
Public EnumerationBeamAngleModeBeam angle modes, which adjust the beamforming capabilities for improving audio capture.
Public EnumerationColorImageFormatImage formats for a ColorImageStream. Each image format contains the data type, the resolution, and the frame rate.
Public EnumerationDepthImageFormatImage formats for a DepthImageStream. Each image format contains the data type, the resolution, and the frame rate.
Public EnumerationDepthRangeDepth data ranges, which determine how close to (or far from) the sensor a person can be and still be in the field of view.
Public EnumerationEchoCancellationModeOptions for applying audio filtering, such as echo cancellation or suppression, to audio.
Public EnumerationFrameEdgesIdentifies edges of a user's body that are outside of the field of view of the sensor.
Public EnumerationJointTrackingStateSkeleton joint tracking states. Depending on the data available in the depth stream, the skeleton stream may produce joints that are fully tracked, inferred, or not tracked.
Public EnumerationJointTypeSkeleton joints that make up a tracked skeleton.
Public EnumerationKinectStatusStatus of a sensor.
Public EnumerationPowerLineFrequencyOptions for reducing flicker caused by the frequency of a power line.
Public EnumerationSkeletonTrackingModeOptions for the number of joints that are tracked when skeletal tracking is enabled.
Public EnumerationSkeletonTrackingStateOptions for tracking skeleton data.
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