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InkRecognizerCapabilities Enumeration

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink.Analysis (in microsoft.ink.analysis.dll)

public enum InkRecognizerCapabilities
/** @attribute FlagsAttribute() */ 
public enum InkRecognizerCapabilities
public enum InkRecognizerCapabilities

  Member name Description
AdviseInkChange Supports interrupting background recognition, such as when the ink has changed. 
ArbitraryAngle Supports text written at arbitrary angles. 
BoxedInput Supports boxed input, where each character or word is entered in a box. 
CharacterAutoCompletionInput Supports character Autocomplete. Recognizers that support character Autocomplete require boxed input. 
DoNotCare Ignores all other flags that are set. 
DownAndLeft Supports handwriting input in down and left order, such as in some East Asian languages. 
DownAndRight Supports handwriting input in down and right order, such as in some East Asian languages. 
FreeInput Supports free input, where ink is entered without the use of a recognition guide, such as a line or a box. 
Lattice Supports returning a Lattice object as an alternative to String for handwriting recognition results. 
LeftAndDown Supports handwriting input in left and down order, such as in Hebrew and Arabic languages. 
LinedInput Supports lined input, which is similar to writing on lined paper. 
None No capabilities specified. 
Object Supports object recognition; otherwise, recognizes only text. 
Personalizable Supports personalized handwriting, where the recognizer improves recognition when exposed to the same handwriting over time. 
PrefersArbitraryAngle Supports that the InkAnalyzer need not rotate the handwriting to a horizontal orientation before sending the ink to the InkRecognizer
PrefersParagraphBreaking Indicates that the InkAnalyzer should send entire paragraphs of ink to the InkRecognizer, allowing the InkRecognizers to do the Line breaking and Word (or character) breaking. 
PrefersSegmentationRecognition Indicates that the InkAnalyzer will send the InkRecognizer indvidual ink words (or characters depending on the language) when recognizing, instead of sending entire lines of writing. 
RightAndDown Supports handwriting input in right and down order, such as in western languages and some East Asian languages. 
StrokeReorder Supports that stroke order—spatial and temporal—is handled as part of the recognition operation. The InkAnalyzer does not reorder strokes before sending ink to the InkRecognizer

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