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Microsoft.Dynamics.Commerce.Runtime.Services Namespace

Public class AddressService Address service reference implementation.
Public class ChargeService This service implements logic for calculating auto-charges, price charges, and shipping charges for transactions.
Public class CurrencyService
Public class CustomerService Customer Service class.
Public class DimensionService The dimension service.
Public class DiscountConcurrencyRules This class knows how to take a transaction with possible periodic discounts set on its sales items, and choose which ones should be applied based on their concurrency settings.
Public class EmailService Email Service class.
Public class FedEx Fedex Adapter Implementation.
Public class Formula Represents data from FormulaDesigner_IN table
Public class FormulaData Handles data access to the FormulaDesigner_IN table.
Public class LineTaxResult
Public class LoyaltyService
Public class PaymentService
Public class PricingService
Public class ProductAvailabilityService Implementation for product availability service.
Public class RoundingService
Public class SalesOrderService Sales Order Service
Public class Service Represents the base class for services.
Public class ServiceRequest Encapsulate a service request sent to all the services.
Public class ServiceResponse Encapsulates a service response returned for all services.
Public class ShippingService Shipping Service Implementation.
Public class StoreLocatorService The store locator service.
Public class TaxCode Representation of a single tax code
Public class TaxCodeProvider Tax Provider for default AX Tax definitions
Public class TaxFilterNames TAXFILTERNAMES.
Public class TaxHelpers
Public class TaxService Tax Service implementation.
Public class TotalingService The totaling service is responsible for calculating the totals on the sales transaction and sales lines.
Public class UPS UPS adapter implementation.
Public interface IAddressService Interface for Address service.
Public interface ICharge Interface for Charge service.
Public interface ICurrency Interface for Currency service.
Public interface ICustomer Customer Service interface.
Public interface IDimension Interface for Dimension service.
Public interface IEmail Email Service interface.
Public interface IInitializable IInitializable interface. Services can optionaly implement this interface if some initialization/uninitialization is needed.
Public interface ILoyalty Customer Service interface.
Public interface IPayment Interface for Payment service.
Public interface IPricing Interface for Pricing service.
Public interface IProductAvailability Interface for item availability service.
Public interface IRounding Interface for Rounding service.
Public interface ISalesOrder Interface for Sales Order service
Public interface IService Base interface for the services.
Public interface IShippingCarrierService Shipping Carrier Interface.
Public interface IShippingService Interface for Shipping Service.
Public interface IStoreLocatorService Store Locator Service interface.
Public interface ITax Interface for Tax service.
Public interface ITaxProvider
Public interface ITaxProviderV1
Public interface ITotaling Interface for Totaling service.
Public delegate CanHandle Returns whether or not address can be processed based on the type of filter.
Public delegate Handle Populates the predicates.
Public enumeration TaxableBases AX Taxable Bases. Only LineAmount and ExclAmount are applicable for POS
Public enumeration TaxBase Represents the tax basis.
Public enumeration TaxCalculationMode Represents the mode of tax calculation.
Public enumeration TaxLimitBase Represents a tax limit basis.
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