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IModelAnnotationHolder Interface

Represents a class that can have attached annotations.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Schema (in Microsoft.Data.Schema.dll)

public interface IModelAnnotationHolder

The IModelAnnotationHolder type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddAnnotationAdds the given annotation to this element.
Public methodGetAnnotations()Returns a list of annotations attached to this element.
Public methodGetAnnotations(Type)Returns a list of attached annotations of the given type.
Public methodGetAnnotations(ModelIdentifier)Returns a list of attached annotations that have the given identifier.
Public methodGetAnnotations(ModelIdentifier, Type)
Public methodGetAnnotations<TType>()Returns all attached model annotations that implement the given annotation type and have the specified model identifier.
Public methodGetAnnotations<TType>(ModelIdentifier)
Public methodRemoveAnnotationRemoves the specified annotation from this model element.

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