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IModelConversionExtension.OnAfterFileLoaded Method

Defines custom functionality for loading a file with a custom format and converting it to an .edmx format.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility (in Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility.dll)

void OnAfterFileLoaded(
	ModelConversionExtensionContext context


Type: Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility.ModelConversionExtensionContext
Provides file and Visual Studio project information.

In a Visual Studio extension, the OnAfterFileLoaded method is used to extend the functionality of the Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer). Specifically, the OnAfterFileLoaded method converts a file with a custom format to an .edmx file. The Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility.ModelFileExtensionAttribute is used to annotate classes that implement the IModelConversionExtension interface. The Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility.ModelFileExtensionAttribute constructor accepts a string parameter that specifies the file extension for custom files that can be loaded and saved by the Entity Designer.


When building a Visual Studio extension that also implements the IModelTransformExtension.OnAfterModelLoaded method, the OnAfterFileLoaded method will be called before the IModelTransformExtension.OnAfterModelLoaded method.

For more information about extending the functionality of the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Tools, see Extending the Entity Data Model Tools and ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer Extension Starter Kit.

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