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Microsoft.ClusterAwareUpdating Namespace

Class Description
ClusterUpdateException Represents serious errors that occur in IClusterNodeUpdater interface methods.
ClusterUpdatingPluginAttribute Marks a class that implements the IClusterUpdatingPlugin interface as a plugin for the Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) tool.
UpdateInfo This class is used by the IScanCallback interface to report updates found by the IClusterNodeUpdater interface's ScanAsync method.
UpdateInfoBase Provides details about the results of an IClusterNodeUpdater operation.
UpdateInstallResult Used by the IInstallCallback interface to report updates installed by the IClusterNodeUpdater interface's InstallAsync method.
UpdateStagingResult Used by the IStageCallback interface to report updates staged by the IClusterNodeUpdater interface's StageAsync method.

Interface Description
ICauPluginCallbackBase Provides functionality common to all CAU plugin callback interfaces.
IClusterNodeUpdater Enables cluster node update operations for a target cluster machine.
IClusterUpdatingPlugin Provides functionality required by Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) tool plug-ins.
IInstallCallback Enables the plug-in to report progress and results from the installation tasks.
IScanCallback Enables the plug-in to report progress and results of the scan operation.
IStageCallback Enables the plug-in to report progress and results of the stage operation.

Enumeration Description
ResultCode Specifies result codes from installation and staging operations.
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