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Microsoft.BusinessData.Runtime namespace

The namespace Runtime is used for creating or augmenting types that can be reflected by using a Microsoft .NET Framework type reflector.

  Class Description
Public class AdministrableProperty Represents a single property that can be configured for the Business Connectivity Services connector.
Public class AssociationEntityInstanceReferencesDictionary Represents a dictionary with associations as a key, and External Item reference collection as a value.
Public class AssociationEntityInstancesDictionary Represents a dictionary with associations as key and External Item collection as value.
Public class AuthenticationException Specifies the error that is thrown when the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service encounters an authentication problem with the external system, such as rejected or expired credentials.
Public class BackendNullReturnException Represents an exception that is thrown when the external system method returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for an object that is required for Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to work correctly.
Public class BatchCompletionEventArgs Represents a class that provides event arguments for the BatchCompletionEventHandler class.
Public class BuiltInNotificationForwarderTypes Provides a list of built in notification forwarder types.
Public class CannotConnectException Thrown when the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service cannot successfully make a connection to the external system business application.
Public class ConflictDetectedException Thrown when a conflict is detected between two different updates.
Public class ConnectionPoolFullException Thrown when a connection cannot be obtained because the connection pool is full.
Public class DynamicType Represents an object whose structure can be modified at run time.
Public class EntityInstanceCollection Represents the collection of external items.
Public class EntityInstanceReference Represents a reference to an External Item.
Public class EntityInstanceReferenceCollection Represents a collection of references to External Items.
Public class ExceededLimitException Represents the error that occurs when the operation exceeds the throttling limits set by the administrator.
Public class ExecutingTooLongException This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class HybridSsoAuthenticationException
Public class Identity Defines the identifier values of an External Item.
Public class LobBusinessErrorException Exception that is thrown when a business logic error occurs during the method instance execution.
Public class LobGenericException Represents an exception thrown when an error occurs in the line-of-business system during a method execution.
Public class NotificationCallback Defines the properties of the endpoint to which notifications from an external system should be delivered. These notifications are sent by the external system in response to the Subscribe stereotype call.
Public class NotificationParser Parses notifications received from the external system. This is an abstract class used by SPItemEventProperties to construct the changed external item.
Public class ObjectDeletedException Exception that is thrown when you try to use an offline external item that has been scheduled for deletion.
Public class ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when an external item is not present.
Public class OperationMode Specifies the mode in which an operation is to be executed.
Public class PartialBulkReadException Represents an exception thrown when BulkSpecificFinder returns fewer items than requested.
Public class PartialCreateException Represents an exception thrown when a CreateWithFields operation needs to execute both Create and UpdateMethodInstances, and execution of Update MehtodInstance has failed.
Public class ProxyGenerationResult Represents the results of proxy generation.
Public class RuntimeException Represents any exception thrown by the Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS).
Public class SsoAuthenticationException An exception that is thrown when a secure store related authentication problem occurs, such as when credentials obtained from SSO are being rejected by the external system or when SSO rejects the user-provided credentials.
Public class Subscription Represents the Subscription registration information token returned in response to a Subscribe stereotype call. This token is used as an input to the Unsubscribe stereotype. Developers are expected to serialize the Subscription object and to store it after a subscribe call. The serialized value should be retrieved and deserialized, and then used during an unsubscribe call.
Public class TooManyInstancesReturnedException This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.

  Interface Description
Public interface IAdministrableSystem Enables custom BDC connectors to report configurable connection properties that can be modified by the administrator.
Public interface IAssociatedIdSet Wraps the identities of associated External Items.
Public interface IAssociatedIdSetEnumerator Defines an enumeration of identities of associated External Items.
Public interface IBatchableEntityInstanceEnumerator Defines properties and events that control batching.
Public interface IBatchingTerminationFilter Defines a property, a value, and a relationship to control batch termination.
Public interface ICloseable Defines a method to close the server stream for the IEntityInstanceEnumerator interface.
Public interface IDynamicTypeEnumerator Enumerator interface to allow reading elements from collections or streams. Some streams are read once only; hence, a forward only IEnumerator is the best abstraction to use (as opposed to an IEnumerable, which allows multiple IEnumerators to be created for the same collection or stream).
Public interface IEntityInstance Defines methods and properties to handle an External Item.
Public interface IEntityInstanceEnumerator Represents an enumerator interface that enables reading External Items from collections or streams.
Public interface IExecutionContext Represents an execution context that is used to track and modify the behavior of operations against the external system, also allowing direct communication between a custom connector and the application.
Public interface IExecutionInfo Contains information about the execution of a method.
Public interface IFieldAccessor Provides functionality that enables the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service runtime to get and set the values of fields in data structures that represent External Items.
Public interface IFieldValueDictionary Represents a collection of field/value pairs that correspond to a view.
Public interface IFilter Represents the runtime filter.
Public interface IFilterCollection Represents the collection of filters of a method instance.
Public interface IInputOutputFilter Represents a filter that has both an input value and an output value.
Public interface IInstance Represents an instance of a data class.
Public interface IMethodExecutionInfo Provides information on a method instance that is executed or being executed against an external system.
Public interface IOutputFilter Represents a filter that has a return value.
Public interface IProfileProvider Provides methods to obtain profile values to be used with the UserProfile filter.
Public interface IRuntimeHelper Defines various helper functions for the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service runtime.
Public interface ISharedEntityState Represents the shared external content type state information for an external content type's instances.
Public interface IStreamableField Represents a streamable field.
Public interface IStreamableFieldDescriptor Defines properties that provide descriptive information about a field that can be streamed.
Public interface IStreamableFieldDescriptorCollection Represents the descriptors collection of the fields that can be streamed.
Public interface ISystemPropertyValidator This interface can be implemented by custom connectors to provide property validation through administrative interfaces.
Public interface ISystemProxyAssemblyManager This interface can be implemented by custom connectors that make use of multiple assemblies.
Public interface ISystemProxyGenerator This interface can be implemented by custom connectors to generate a proxy to the external system.
Public interface ISystemUtility Represents the primary interface implemented by custom connectors.
Public interface IUserInputFilter Represents a filter with one or more values that can be set.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate BatchCompletionEventHandler Represents a method that handles the batch completion event.
Public delegate ExecutionEventHandler Describes the signature of a handler that will be called either before or after the execution of a method. The handler is called to pre-process the inputs of the method to be executed or to post-process the outputs of the executed method.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CacheUsage Represents an enumeration that specifies whether offline data cache should be used for an operation or not.
Public enumeration EntityEventType Enumeration of event types to be used in Subscribe stereotype.

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