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Microsoft.BusinessData.Infrastructure.SecureStore Namespace

The Microsoft.BusinessData.Infrastructure.SecureStore namespace contains the interfaces, classes, and enumerations that are used to handle the Secure Store Service.

Public classSecureStoreCredentialCollectionRepresents a read-only collection class for a Secure Store credential.
Public classSecureStoreCredentialsNotFoundExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown from the Secure Store when the credentials are not available for a given target application.
Public classSecureStoreExceptionRepresents an exception class that is thrown from a Secure Store object.
Public classSecureStoreTargetApplicationNotFoundExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown from the Secure Store when the specified target application does not exist in the Secure Store.

Public interfaceICredentialEntryProvides information about entering credentials for the Secure Store.
Public interfaceISecureStoreCredentialDefines two properties to retrieve the credential type and credential value.
Public interfaceISecureStoreProviderRepresents a Secure Store provider that can be implemented to replace the default Secure Store provider.
Public interfaceISecureStoreProviderExtendedExtends the ISecureStoreProvider interface by adding the target application information.
Public interfaceISecureStoreProviderInformationDefines properties that retrieve information on the Secure Store provider.
Public interfaceITargetApplicationDefinitionDefines properties that retrieve information on the target application.
Public interfaceITargetApplicationFieldDefines properties that retrieve information on the target application field.

Public enumerationSecureStoreCredentialTypeRepresents the enumeration that contains the credential types.
Public enumerationTargetApplicationTypeRepresents the enumeration of the target application types supported by the Secure Store.
Public enumerationTargetApplicationTypeFlagRepresents the enumeration of the bitmask flags for the TargetApplicationType class.

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