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ResolveComReference Properties

This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

The ResolveComReference type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property BuildEngine Gets or sets the build engine interface that is available to tasks. (Inherited from AppDomainIsolatedTask.)
Public property DelaySign Infrastructure. Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the ResolveComReference task places the public key in the assembly (true) or fully signs the assembly (false).
Public property EnvironmentVariables Gets or sets an array of name-value pairs of environment variables that should be passed to the spawned tlbimp.exe and aximp.exe in addition to (or selectively overriding) the regular environment block.
Public property ExecuteAsTool Property to allow multitargeting of ResolveComReferences: If true, tlbimp.exe and aximp.exe from the appropriate target framework will be run out-of-proc to generate the necessary wrapper assemblies.
Public property HostObject Gets or sets a host object instance that is associated with the derived Task. (Inherited from AppDomainIsolatedTask.)
Public property IncludeVersionInInteropName When set to true, the typelib version will be included in the wrapper name. Default is false.
Public property KeyContainer Infrastructure. Gets or sets a container that holds a key pair.
Public property KeyFile Infrastructure. Gets or sets an item that contains a key pair.
Public property Log Infrastructure. Gets an instance of a TaskLoggingHelperExtension class containing task logging methods. (Inherited from AppDomainIsolatedTaskExtension.)
Public property NoClassMembers Infrastructure. Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether to pass the TypeLibImporterFlags.PreventClassMembers flag to .tlb wrapper generation.
Public property ResolvedAssemblyReferences Infrastructure. Gets or sets the resolved assembly references.
Public property ResolvedFiles Infrastructure. Gets or sets the fully qualified files on disk that correspond to the physical locations of the type libraries that were provided as input to this task.
Public property ResolvedModules Infrastructure. Gets or sets the paths to the modules that were found.
Public property SdkToolsPath If ExecuteAsTool is true, this must be set to the SDK tools path for the framework version being targeted.
Public property Silent Gets or sets a flag specifying whether messages or warnings are logged. Default is false, messages and warnings are logged.
Public property StateFile Infrastructure. Gets or sets the cache file for COM component timestamps.
Public property TargetFrameworkVersion The project target framework version. Default is empty. which means there will be no filtering for the reference based on their target framework.
Public property TargetProcessorArchitecture Gets or sets the name of the preferred target processor architecture, which is passed to the tlbimp.exe /machine flag after translation, for example x86, ia64, amd64 or msil.
Public property TypeLibFiles Infrastructure. Gets or sets the type library file path to COM references.
Public property TypeLibNames Infrastructure. Gets or sets the type library names to resolve.
Public property WrapperOutputDirectory Infrastructure. Gets or sets the location on disk where the generated interop assembly is placed.
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