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Microsoft.BizTalk.ParsingEngine Namespace

  Class Description
Public class BaseDef Represents the base class that defines any document elements.
Public class ChildRef Defines child elements for the schema.
Public class DataReader Normalizes data from various encoding mechanisms, such as UTF-8, ANSI, and MBCS, into USC-2.
Public class DelimitedFieldDef Represents a delimited field element.
Public class DelimitedRecordDef Represents a delimited record.
Public class DocumentSchema Contains information from the XSD schemas.
Public class ErrorEventArgs Provides data for the error event.
Public class FFReader Represents a reader that provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to XML data.
Public class FieldDef Represents the definition of a field element.
Public class GroupDef Represents a group of elements in a document.
Public class PositionalFieldDef Defines positional field elements.
Public class PositionalRecordDef Defines positional records in the document.
Public class RecordDef Defines the record in the document.

  Structure Description
Public structure Error Infrastructure.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDataReader Converts a native document to XML.
Public interface IDumpable

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DefaultFixedType Specifies the type of the default or fixed value from the XML Schema.
Public enumeration Error.Severity Specifies possible values for error severity.
Public enumeration FieldCase Indicates whether the serialzing engine should change the casing of produced data.
Public enumeration FieldOrder Specifies the field order model of the children.
Public enumeration FieldXmlDataType Specifies exposed but unsupported types.
Public enumeration GroupType Specifies the type of the group.
Public enumeration IncompleteCharHandling Infrastructure.

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