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Microsoft.BizTalk.Component.Interop Namespace

  Class Description
Public class CategoryTypes Infrastructure.
Public class ComponentCategoryAttribute Associates a component with a specific pipeline design category in the pipeline designer.
Public class DocumentSpec Infrastructure.
Public class DocumentSpecException The exception that is thrown when calling methods on the DocumentSpec class. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class PipelineUtil Infrastructure.
Public class ResourceTracker Infrastructure.

  Interface Description
Public interface IAssemblerComponent Defines the methods that assembler pipeline components need to implement in order to be executed by the Messaging Engine.
Public interface IBaseComponent Defines properties that provide basic information about the component.
Public interface IComponent Defines the methods used by all pipeline components except assemblers and disassemblers.
Public interface IComponentUI Defines methods that enable pipeline components to be used within the Pipeline Designer environment.
Public interface IDisassemblerComponent Defines the methods that disassembling pipeline components need to implement in order to be executed by the Messaging Engine.
Public interface IDocumentSpec Encapsulates a top-level element in an XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema. Also defines a set of associated actions.
Public interface IFFDocumentSpec Encapsulates a flat file schema.
Public interface IPersistPropertyBag Defines the methods to prepare for, load, and save the properties of pipeline components.
Public interface IPersistStream Infrastructure.
Public interface IPipelineContext Defines the methods used to access all document processing-specific interfaces.
Public interface IPipelineContextEx Defines support for getting the System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Transaction context for a transactional pipeline component.
Public interface IProbeMessage Defines the methods and properties for components that need probing functionality.
Public interface IPropertyBag Provides an object with a property bag in which the object can persistently save its properties.
Public interface IResourceTracker Enables pipeline components to report the non-Common Language Runtime (CLR) objects they are creating and using during execution, so they can be disposed by engine after component finished its work.

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