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Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.EventObservation Namespace

The Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.EventObservation namespace represents the observation of events for the business activity.

  Class Description
Public class ActivityInterceptorConfiguration Constructs the interceptor configuration that represents the events of interest to a BAM activity.
Public class BAMEventsRecord Infrastructure. Represents a standard record from a SQL database.
Public class BAMException The base exception class for BAM.
Public class BAMInterceptor Enables flexible instrumentation of applications for collecting BAM data.
Public class BAMRuntimeException The exception class that TDDS generates during run time.
Public class BAMTraceException Throws exceptions when errors occur within the classes of the BAM EventObservation namespace.
Public class BufferedEventStream Enables the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) event data to be buffered in memory before writing out to the Primary Import database.
Public class DelayedSpCall Infrastructure. Represents the intention to call a stored procedure in the tracking database.
Public class DirectEventStream Enables the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) event data to be sent directly to the Primary Import database using a SqlConnection object.
Public class EventStream When overridden in a derived class represents a stream of data and events that are persisted in a form that can be queried.
Public class PerformanceInstaller Represents the installer for the performance component.
Public class TrackPoint Infrastructure. Represents the tracking points for the database.

  Interface Description
Public interface IBAMDataExtractor Callback interface that provides data to the BAM interceptor.
Public interface IBatch Defines the interface to the Event Bus Service batching mechanism.
Public interface IPersistQueryable Classes must implement this interface to use the Tracking Framework for concentration of event data in a queryable form.
Public interface ITDDSCustomDeserializer Defines deserialize of a record stream.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TrackPoint.TrackPointType Infrastructure. Internal, do not use in your code.

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