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Retrieves the bounding rectangle for all or part of an item in the current view.

BOOL GetItemRect(
   int nItem,
   LPRECT lpRect,
   UINT nCode 
) const;


The index of the item whose position is to be retrieved.
Address of a RECT structure that receives the bounding rectangle.
Portion of the list view item for which to retrieve the bounding rectangle. It can be one of these values:
  • LVIR_BOUNDS   Returns the bounding rectangle of the entire item, including the icon and label.
  • LVIR_ICON   Returns the bounding rectangle of the icon or small icon.
  • LVIR_LABEL   Returns the bounding rectangle of the item text.

Return Value

Nonzero if successful; otherwise zero.


// OnClick in the handler for the NM_CLICK notification
void CMyListCtrl::OnClick(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)
   // Get the current mouse location and convert it to client
   // coordinates.
   DWORD pos = GetMessagePos();
   CPoint pt(LOWORD(pos), HIWORD(pos));

   // Get indexes of the first and last visible items in 
   // the listview control.
   int index = GetTopIndex();
   int last_visible_index = index + GetCountPerPage();
   if (last_visible_index > GetItemCount())
       last_visible_index = GetItemCount();

   // Loop until number visible items has been reached.
   while (index <= last_visible_index)
       // Get the bounding rectangle of an item. If the mouse
       // location is within the bounding rectangle of the item,
       // you know you have found the item that was being clicked.
       CRect r;
       GetItemRect(index, &r, LVIR_BOUNDS);
       if (r.PtInRect(pt))
               UINT flag = LVIS_SELECTED | LVIS_FOCUSED;
               SetItemState(index, flag, flag);

       // Get the next item in listview control.

   *pResult = 0;

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