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Call this static member function to return the current date/time value.

static COleDateTime WINAPI GetCurrentTime( ) throw( );
// example for COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime
COleDateTime dateTest;
   // dateTest value = midnight 30 December 1899

dateTest = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();
   // dateTest value = current date and time 

// a second example for COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime 
// Since GetCurrentTime() is a static member, you can use it in 
// a constructor:

COleDateTime t1 = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();
COleDateTime t2(COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime());

// Or in a normal assignment operator

COleDateTime t3;
t3 = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();

// or even in an expression 

 if (COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime().GetDayOfWeek() == 6)
    _tprintf(_T("Thank Goodness it is Friday!\n\n"));   

Header: atlcomtime.h

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