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How to: Access the service endpoint for the Office 365 Reporting web service

The service endpoint for the Office 365 Reporting web service is by default reports.office365.com. This topic describes how to access the Reporting web service endpoint.

Last modified: July 21, 2013

Applies to: Office 365

The following is the full URL to the default Reporting web service endpoint. In some cases, the endpoint might be different but at the time of this writing (July, 2013) none of those are active yet.


HTTPS is required

The Reporting web service endpoint only accepts connections made using HTTPS. Attempting to access the endpoint using any other protocol will result in an error or no response.

URL path

The Reporting web service is located at the path /ecp/reportingwebservice.


You must provide credentials with each HTTPS request. The account you authenticate with must have at least View Only Recipient administrator privileges in the Office 365 organization. The Reporting web service uses the administrator account domain to determine which organization to return data to.

Service description document

The Reporting web service returns an XML service description document when the document is requested, without any URL parameters. The service description document contains the list of reports that are available to the administrator account passed with the request. For more information, see Office 365 Reporting web service reporting.svc document.

$metadata document

The Reporting web service returns an XML document of metadata for the reports. You can use this information during design, and your application can use it to verify the report property names. The default location of this document is:

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