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The hintValue for this hint is a BER encoding specified by the following ASN.1 structure:

RequireSortIndexHintValue ::= SEQUENCE {
    IndexOnly    BOOLEAN

If the value of IndexOnly is false, or if no LDAP_SERVER_SORT_OID control accompanies the LDAP_SERVER_SEARCH_HINTS_OID control, then the hint is ignored.

This hint suggests to the DC that it use an index (as specified by the search flags IX and PI in section 2.2.9) over the attribute specified in the LDAP_SERVER_SORT_OID control to satisfy the search.

If the sort control is critical and no index is available, the search will fail with the error DB_ERR_CANT_SORT / <unrestricted>.

If the sort control is not critical and no index is available, the hint is ignored.

Exactly what an index is in relationship to a DC is implementation-specific. Therefore, the determination that an index is not available is not constrained by the protocol, but rather is implementation-specific. This hint is provided only as a facility to make suggestions to a DC that it favor search-operation execution that is based on information specified in the sort control rather than information that is specifically derived from the scope of the search, the filter, or any other parameters of the search.

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