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2.1.19 TNavigationProperty

The TNavigationProperty complex type annotates the NavigationProperty element, as defined in [MC-CSDL] section 2.1.4. The TNavigationProperty complex type is an extension of the TMember complex type (section 2.1.10), adding an attribute that appears only in navigation properties.

The TNavigationProperty complex type is defined in the schema as follows.

 <xs:complexType name ="TNavigationProperty">
   <xs:extension base="bi:TMember">
    <xs:attribute name="CollectionCaption" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>

The attribute that is defined by the TNavigationProperty complex type is specified in the following table.




Plural name for referring to a set of instances of the navigation property. If this attribute is omitted, the TMember.Caption attribute is used.

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