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Azure Conventions

Updated: December 4, 2013

The CSPack Command-Line Tool uses a specific set of conventions to create packages that are deployable to Windows Azure. You must comply with these conventions in order to read and manipulate packages in a safe manner so that they can be deployed to Windows Azure.

The conventions and restrictions are as follows:

  • Do not modify the KeyValuePair collection in the XML manifest file with key http://schemas.microsoft.com/windowsazure/ProductVersion/.

  • Do not modify or add any ContentDefiniton collections to the package.xml file that have a Name with the ServiceDefinition/.. or NamedStreams/.. prefix. These namespaces are reserved.

  • Do not remove any LayoutDefinition collection with a Name that begins with Roles/. There should be one such LayoutDefinition collection for each Role in the package and the Name element specifies the name of the role.

  • The FileDefinition collections in LayoutDefinition that begin with Roles/ can be modified with the following restrictions: only a FilePath starting with \approot or \sitesroot can be modified or added. These files are the user defined contents of a package and are typically added by CSPack, unchanged.

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