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Records available for upload and download using the current bulk format version (3.0) are detailed in the topics listed below. For more information about using the Bulk service to download and upload records, see Bulk File Schema and Downloading and Uploading Campaigns.

System_CLiX_important Important

New record types (rows) and fields (columns) may be added anytime, and you should not depend on record or field order in the bulk download or bulk upload results file.

Record Types

Each record type and available data for download and upload are described in the following sections. Within each section is a table where the Column Header column indicates the bulk file column header for each field. Items in the Description column describes the field values, including any relationship of bulk data to any of the Ad Intelligence, Customer Management, Campaign Management or Reporting programming elements. The Upload Add and Upload Update columns indicate whether fields are available when adding or updating entities with the bulk service.

The following record types are defined for the latest file format version, which is now 3.0. For information about deprecated record versions see Bulk File Deprecated Record Types. Use the TOC or click on a link below to open the topic.

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