IETrackingProtectionEnabled Function

New for Windows Internet Explorer 9

Determines whether Tracking Protection is enabled.


BOOL IETrackingProtectionEnabled(VOID);

Return Value

Returns TRUE if Tracking Protection is enabled; otherwise FALSE.


Tracking Protection helps identify and block many forms of undesired tracking. When the browser calls any other website to request anything (for example, an image, a cookie, HTML, or a script that can execute) the browser explicitly provides information in order to get information. By limiting data requests to these sites, it is possible to limit the data available to these sites for collection and tracking.

Note  Restricting content from external sites can make some sites stop working. Tracking Protection can disable web mechanisms (cookies, JavaScript) that might be essential to how the sites operate.

Function Information

Stock Implementation ieframe.dll
Custom Implementation No
Header ieobj.h
Import library None
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 9
Minimum operating systems Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7

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