dismiss method

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Dismisses a modal prompt of the window.alert(), window.confirm(), or window.prompt() type. For alerts, it's like pressing "okay," but for confirmations or prompts, it closes without submitting an answer.

  "name": "dismiss",
  "parameters": {},
  "sessionId": "[sessionId]"




This is the command you're passing in. In this case, dismiss.


This is a wrapper object in which you'll embed other objects to be passed to WebDriver as parameters for the command. In this case, it should be empty.


The sessionId value of the session you are targeting.

Return value

A JSON response object containing:

  • sessionId
  • status
  • value


For users of Internet Explorer Developer Channel

The first release of Internet Explorer Developer Channel contained an early preview of our WebDriver functionality. For that release only, all commands had to be wrapped in a command object. In the example below the command object wrapper is in bold:


  "command": {

    "name": "[command]",

    "parameters": {},

    "sessionId": "[sessionId]"



The command object wrapper is not used in general release versions of Internet Explorer, only the first release of Internet Explorer Developer Channel.

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