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bindAttribLocation method

Binds a generic vertex index to a user-defined attribute variable.




WebGLRenderingContext.bindAttribLocation(program, index, name);


program [in]

Type: WebGLProgram

Program object to bind.

index [in]

Type: number

The index of the generic vertex to bind.

name [in]

Type: String

Name of the user variable to a bind to the generic vertex index.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


More than one name can be bound to the same vertex index, but multiple indexes cannot be bound to the same name.

If name is a matrix attribute, then index points to the first column of the matrix. Additional matrix columns are automatically bound to index+1, index+2, and so forth based on matrix variable (mat2,mat3,mat4).

WebGL errorDescription
gl.INVALID_VALUEIf index is greater than or equal to gl.MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS.
gl.INVALID_VALUEIf program is not generated by WebGL.
gl.INVALID_OPERATIONIf name starts with the reserved prefix gl_.
gl.INVALID_OPERATIONIf program isn't a program object.


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