USAGE Element

Obsolete. Indicates how the parent element should be used.


    VALUE = "sValue"/>


Required. String value that specifies how the parent element will be used.
ChannelItems that appear in the browser channel pane. This is the default behavior when no USAGE element appears under an ITEM.
DesktopComponentItems that are displayed in a frame located on the Microsoft Active Desktop. Attributes assigned this value can only be used in the context of an Active Desktop item. Channels require a separate Channel Definition Format (CDF) file.
EmailThe parent element is an e-mail that is sent when the channel content is updated (one per CDF).
NONEIf a NONE value is assigned to the only USAGE element in an ITEM, the item will not appear in the Channels Explorer Bar.
ScreenSaverThis one item is displayed in the special Windows Internet Explorer screen saver (one per CDF).
SoftwareUpdateThis indicates the CDF file is being used for a Software Update channel, which allows software to be automatically updated over the Web. This value is only valid for the top-level channel.

Element Information

Parent elements ITEM, SOFTPKG
Child elements None
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 4.0
Minimum operating systems Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0


Internet Explorer 7. The CDF (Channel Definition Format) is obsolete and should not be used.

Some older implementations of CDF clients look for a SHOW attribute instead of the USAGE child element inside the ITEM element. An attribute of SHOW=" string " in an ITEM element is functionally equivalent to adding a child element of <USAGE VALUE=" string ></USAGE> to an ITEM element.

When the parent element is used as a desktop component, a number of formatting elements (children) are supported.

"SmartScreen," a trademark of PointCast Inc., can be used in place of the ScreenSaver value to display the PointCast Network SmartScreen in the Internet Explorer screen saver.


The following example demonstrates how to identify an ITEM used as a screen saver.

<ITEM HREF="http://www.joyware.tld/screensaver.htm">
    <USAGE VALUE="ScreenSaver"></USAGE>

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