AutoCompleteSaveForm Method

Saves the specified form in the AutoComplete data store.




oForm Required. Object that specifies a reference to a form element.

Return Value

No return value.


Use this method to store input type=text and input type=password values to AutoComplete data storage. After information is entered in a form and saved to AutoComplete storage, whenever a user visits a Web site and starts typing in a field with the same name as a stored field, the AUTOCOMPLETE attribute provides an AutoComplete box containing a list of previously stored data.

To enable the AutoComplete feature for forms, choose Internet Options from the Tools menu, click Content , and then click AutoComplete . To disable the feature for individual form controls and entire forms, use the AUTOCOMPLETE attribute.

This method is included in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later. It is not supported in HTML Applications (HTAs).


This example uses the AutoCompleteSaveForm method to save the value of a text field without submitting the form to a server.

function fnSaveForm(){
<FORM NAME="oForm">

This text is saved:
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="AutoCompleteTest">

This text is not saved:
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="AutoCompleteIgnore" AUTOCOMPLETE="off">

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Save Value" onclick="fnSaveForm()">

Code example:

Standards Information

There is no public standard that applies to this method.

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