HlinkNavigate Function

Deprecated. Navigates to a hyperlink, given a hyperlink object and an optional hyperlink frame object.


HRESULT HlinkNavigate(
    IHlink *pihl,
    IHlinkFrame *pihlframe,
    DWORD grfHLNF,
    LPBC pbc,
    IBindStatusCallback *pibsc,
    IHlinkBrowseContext *pihlbc


[in] The address of the IHlink interface on the target hyperlink.
[in] The address of the IHlinkFrame interface of the hyperlink container. This can be NULL if the hyperlink container does not have a hyperlink frame.
[in] The value taken from the HLNF enumeration.
[in] The address of the IBindCtx interface on the bind context to use for any moniker binding performed during the navigation. This must not be NULL.
[in] The address of the IBindStatusCallback interface on the bind status context to use for any asynchronous moniker binding performed during the navigation. If this is NULL, the caller does not receive progress notification, cancellation, pausing, or low-level binding information.
[in] The address of the IHlinkBrowseContext interface pointer to use for this navigation. The browse context includes history information, where this navigation is logged, if grfHLNF is not set to HLNF_CREATENOHISTORY.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


HlinkNavigate encapsulates the following common sequence of calls.

if (phlFrame)
    phlFrame->Navigate(grfHLNF, pbc, pbsc, phl);
else if (phl)
    phl->Navigate(grfHLNF, pbc, pbsc, phlbc);

Function Information

Stock Implementation Hlink.dll
Custom Implementation No
Header Hlink.h
Import library Hlink.lib
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 3.0
Minimum operating systems Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95

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