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ModelBinderProvider.GetBinder Method

Finds a binder for the given type.

Namespace:  System.Web.Http.ModelBinding
Assembly:  System.Web.Http (in System.Web.Http.dll)
Public MustOverride Function GetBinder ( _
	configuration As HttpConfiguration, _
	modelType As Type _
) As IModelBinder
Dim instance As ModelBinderProvider 
Dim configuration As HttpConfiguration 
Dim modelType As Type 
Dim returnValue As IModelBinder 

returnValue = instance.GetBinder(configuration, _


Type: System.Web.Http.HttpConfiguration

A configuration object.

Type: System.Type

The type of the model to bind against.

Return Value

Type: System.Web.Http.ModelBinding.IModelBinder
A binder, which can attempt to bind this type. Or null if the binder knows statically that it will never be able to bind the type.
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