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Runtime Power Management Routines

This section lists the runtime power management routines supplied by the Storport driver.

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A miniport driver calls StorPortInitializePoFxPower to register a storage device with the power management framework (PoFx).


The StorPortPoFxActivateComponent routine increments the activation reference count on the specified component of a storage device.


The StorPortPoFxIdleComponent routine decrements the activation reference count of a specified component of a storage device.


The StorPortPoFxPowerControl routine sends a power control request to the power management framework (PoFx) to forward to the power engine plug-in (PEP).


The StorPortPoFxSetComponentLatency routine specifies the maximum latency that can be tolerated in the transition from the idle condition to the active condition in the specified storage device component.


The StorPortPoFxSetComponentResidency routine sets the estimated time for how long a storage device component is likely to remain idle after the component enters the idle condition.




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