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Blanket Assembly Order Window

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Specifies which items and how many items to assemble and which component items or resources go into the assembly item for a linked blanket sales order.

Blanket assembly orders function like assembly orders that are linked to sales orders. For more information, see Assembly Order. The difference is that the assemble-to-order link points to a blanket sales order instead of a sales order. If you choose Yes in the Assemble to Order field in a blanket assembly order, then the linked blanket sales order opens.

If you change a blanket sales order for an assembly item into a sales order, then the linked blanket assembly order and any customizations are linked to that new sales order to prepare for assembly of the item or items to be sold. For more information, see How to: Create Blanket Assembly Orders.

Because any kind of blanket order is considered to be a type of forecast, components on blanket assembly order lines are included in supply planning as regular forecasted demand. For more information, see About Forecasting Functionality.

Like blanket orders, quantities on assembly blanket orders are only forecasted and not operational until they are converted to actual assembly orders. Therefore, order functionality, such as availability calculation, reservation, and item tracking, is not active on blanket assembly orders.


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