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DismShutdown Function

Shuts down DISM API. DismShutdown must be called once per process. Other DISM API function calls will fail after DismShutdown has been called.

HRESULT WINAPI DismShutdown( );

Returns S_OK on success.

Returns DISMAPI_E_DISMAPI_NOT_INITIALIZED if the DismInitialize Function has not been called.

Returns DISMAPI_E_OPEN_SESSION_HANDLES if any open DISMSession have not been closed.

You must call DismShutdown once per process. Calls to DismShutdown must be matched to an earlier call to the DismInitialize Function. DISM API will serialize concurrent calls to DismShutdown. The first call will succeed and the other calls will fail.

Before calling DismShutdown, you must close all DISMSession using the DismCloseSession Function. If there are open DismSessions when calling DismShutdown, then the DismShutdown call will fail. For more information, see Using the DISM API.

hr = DismShutdown();


Supported host platforms:

DISM API can be used on any operating system supported by the Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK). For more information, see the Windows ADK Technical Reference.

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