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InputConsumed Property (Hybrid)

Updated: August 2, 2013

Published: June 4, 2013

Gets a value that specifies whether the user's latest input was consumed by a DrawableAd object.

Namespace: Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.Xna

Assembly: Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.Xna (in Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.Xna.dll)

public bool InputConsumed { get; }

Return Value


When the AdComponent.InputConsumedChanged event is raised, this property should be examined by code in the game loop to determine whether the AdComponent has consumed the user’s input. When this property is true, the game’s code should not process the user’s input, including MouseState or any gestures.

When the InputConsumedChanged event is raised, examine this property to determine whether the AdComponent consumed the user’s input and that the game loop did not.

When the AdComponent consumes a user’s input, this property will be true, and the InputConsumedChanged event will be raised. When the AdComponent finishes consuming user input, this property will be false and the InputConsumedChanged event will be raised again.

This property reflects a more general state of the AdComponent’s input processing than the Engaged property. In general, an InputConsumedChanged event will be raised before an EngagedChanged event. The two properties are not mutually exclusive. The Engaged property indicates whether the user is interacting with the ad, and the InputConsumed property indicates that the AdComponent handled the last input from the user.


Windows Phone 7.x only

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