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Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF Namespace

The Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF namespace contains the most commonly used classes of the Bing Maps WPF Control.

AerialModeRepresents Aerial and Aerial with labels map modes.
ApplicationIdCredentialsProviderProvides credentials in the form of an application ID (a Bing Maps Key).
CredentialsContains information used to authenticate requests.
LoadingErrorEventArgsProvides error data when the map does not load.
LocationContains the altitude and coordinate values of a location on the map.
LocationCollectionContains a collection of Location items.
LocationRectRepresents a rectangle on the map.
MapRepresents the default map class.
MapCoreRepresents the map.
MapEventArgsProvides data for Map events.
MapItemsControlRepresents the class that uses a MapLayer as an ItemsPanel. This enables data binding using an ItemsSource and an ItemTemplate. This class inherits from the ItemsControl class.
MapLayerRepresents a map layer, which positions its child UIElement objects using geographic coordinates.
MapModeDefines the base class for a map mode. This class must be inherited.
MapPolygonRepresents a polygon on the map.
MapPolylineRepresents a polyline on the map.
MapShapeBaseRepresents the base class for a shape on the map. This class must be inherited.
MapTileLayerRepresents a layer of image tiles on the map.
MercatorModeRepresents the Mercator map mode.
PushpinRepresents a pushpin on the map.
RoadModeRepresents the Road map mode.
TileSourceRetrieves the URI for a tile based on its zoom level and tile position.

PositionOriginRepresents the anchor point of UIElement, such as an image, at a Location on a MapLayer.

AltitudeReferenceRepresents the starting plane of the altitude measurement.
AnimationLevelDetermines when map navigation is animated.
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