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FetchReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntries method of the Win32_TSLicenseReport class

Retrieves summary information of failed Remote Desktop Services Per User client access licenses (RDS Per User CALs) from the report.


uint32 FetchReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntries(
  [in]       uint32 StartIndex,
  [in, out]  uint32 Count,
  [out]      Win32_TSLicenseReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntry ReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntries[]


StartIndex [in]

The index of the first report entry to be retrieved. The first report entry has an index of zero.

Count [in, out]

The number of report entries to retrieve from the report object. A value of zero indicates that all of the report entries starting at StartIndex are to be retrieved. On return, contains the number of entries in the ReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntries array.

ReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntries [out]

An array of Win32_TSLicenseReportFailedPerUserSummaryEntry classes that represent the license entries retrieved. The Count parameter contains the number of elements in this array.

Return value

If the method succeeds, it returns zero. If the method is unsuccessful, it returns a nonzero value. For a list of error codes, see Remote Desktop Services WMI Provider Error Codes.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012





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