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Updated: November 21, 2013


     An object that has its own lifetime, but is used as a resource during the processing of a message in a bridge to achieve a specific purpose. For example: schemas, maps, assemblies, and certificates.

BizTalk/XSLT map migration

     Migration of maps from BizTalk format to Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services format.

BizTalk Adapter Service Management URL

    The URL to the BizTalk Adapter Service web site created when BizTalk Adapter Service Runtime is installed.


    A Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services component that processes, Transforms, and transports data between two disparate systems.

bridge Configuration

    A concept whose purpose is to convert data that is picked up from one system, and then to transform it, so that a second system understands it.

Data Context Properties

     Context related to the data to be transformed. This data context is passed to the Transform engine as a property collection of name/value pairs.

Enrich stage

     The stage during which the message properties are populated from different sources such as incoming headers, message body, and external data lookup.

fixed template bridge

    A predefined set of actions, performed in a bridge, in a predefined sequence to achieve a common pattern.

LOB Relay

    A URL in the cloud. Acts as a container for the LOB Targets.

LOB Target

    The Line-Of-Business (LOB) system connection URI that includes the schema operation and connection credentials used to communicate with Line-of-Business (LOB) system.

Map operation

   A single rule or, in certain cases, a cohesive set of rules for transforming input data to output data.

message or data transformation

  To transform a message from one schema or structure to another.

route/CBR (content-based routing)

    In content-based routing (CBR), to send a message to a predefined destination, based on certain conditions.

test a map

    To test a map against an input data/message instance.

Transform artifact

     Also known as a map. The artifact that captures the rules for transformation from one schema or structure to another.

Transform stage

     The stage in the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services service that does message transformation.

Validate stage

   The stage in which a message is matched with a predefined set of schemas.

XML bridge

    A specific implementation of a bridge that can only process XML messages, both incoming and outgoing.

XML One-Way Bridge

    A specific implementation of an XML bridge that receives a request message but does not send a response back.

XML Request-Reply Bridge

    A specific implementation of an XML bridge that receives a request message, and also sends a response back.

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