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How to: Find Topics in the Table of Contents

In the Contents tab, you can use the table of contents (TOC) to find information. The table of contents is an expandable list that contains all of the topics in the installed books. For accessibility information about how to navigate through the TOC, see Shortcut Keys (Help Viewer).

Important note Important

The scope of topics available in the TOC depends on the filter you have selected.

You can filter the TOC to narrow the scope of topics that appear in the Contents tab. Titles appear in the list only if they contain the root of the term that you specify. For example, if you specify "troubleshooting" as a filter, only titles that contain "troubleshoot" or "troubleshooting" appear. Nodes whose titles don't contain the term are collapsed to a single node with an ellipsis (...).

To filter the TOC

  1. Choose the Contents tab.

  2. In the Filter Contents text box, enter a term.

Note Note

If the filter takes a long time to run, you might display results more quickly by using the title: advanced search operator.

If you have opened a topic using the index or full-text search features, you can determine where this topic is in the TOC by synchronizing the TOC with the topic window.

To synchronize the TOC with the topic window

  1. View a topic.

  2. Click the Show Topic in Contents button on the toolbar, or press Ctrl+S.

    The Contents tab opens and displays the topic's location in the TOC.

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