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How to: Search for Topics

You can use the full-text search feature to locate all topics that contain a particular word. You can also refine and customize your search by using wildcard expressions, logical operators, and advanced search operators.

To open the Search tab

  • Choose the Search tab in the Help Viewer window, or choose the Ctrl + E keys.

To perform a full-text search

  1. In the search box, type the word that you want to find.

  2. In the search query, specify which logical or advanced search operators to apply to the search, if any. To search all available Help, don't use operators.

    Note Note

    In the Viewer Options dialog box, you can specify additional preferences such as the maximum number of search results to display at a time and whether to include English content if your primary locale is not English.

  3. Choose the Enter key.

    A search returns a maximum of 200 hits, by default, and displays them in the search results area.

    Additional version information for each result may appear depending on the content.

  4. To view a topic, choose its title from the results list.

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