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Windows Azure HPC Scheduler

Updated: April 10, 2012

The Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK includes modules and features that developers can use to create Windows Azure deployments that support compute-intensive, parallel applications that can scale when offered more compute power. The Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK enables developers to define a Windows Azure deployment that includes built-in job scheduling and resource management; runtime support for Message Passing Interface (MPI), service-oriented architecture (SOA), and parametric sweep applications; web-based job submission interfaces; and persistent state management of job queue and resource configuration.

Applications that have been built using the on-premises job submission API in Microsoft HPC Pack can use very similar job submission interfaces in the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler.

In this section:

Available resources

You can use the following links to download the SDKs and find related documentation.

  • Download the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK. The following table indicates the available current versions of the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler, the prerequisite versions of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET, and the versions of Microsoft HPC Pack that have compatible job submission interfaces.


    Version of Windows Azure HPC Scheduler Prerequisite version of Windows Azure SDK for .NET Compatible version of Microsoft HPC Pack


    1.8 (October 2012)

    HPC Pack 2012


    1.7 (June 2012)

    HPC Pack 2008 R2 with SP4

  • Download Windows Azure HPC Scheduler code samples.

  • Download the Windows Azure SDK for .NET (full install for Visual Studio 2010).

  • Read the Windows Azure SDK Tools documentation.

To see how others have adapted and expanded on the basic Windows Azure HPC Scheduler sample service, read about and try the Cloud Numerics lab. Cloud Numerics is a numerical and data analytics library for data scientists, quantitative analysts, and others who write C# applications in Visual Studio. It enables these applications to be scaled out, deployed, and run on Windows Azure.


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