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make_texture Function

Creates a texture object by using the specified parameters.

   typename _Value_type,
   int _Rank
texture<_Value_type, _Rank> make_texture(
   const Concurrency::accelerator_view &_Av,
   _In_ IUnknown *_D3D_texture,
) restrict(cpu);


The type of the elements in the texture.


The rank of the texture.


A D3D accelerator view on which the texture is to be created.


IUnknown interface pointer of the D3D texture to create the texture from.


The DXGI format to use for views created from this texture. Pass DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN (the default) to derive the format from the underlying format of _D3D_texture and the _Value_type of this template. The provided format must be compatible with the underlying format of _D3D_texture.

A texture using the provided D3D texture.

Header: amp_graphics.h

Namespace: Concurrency::graphics::direct3d

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