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ClfsMgmtSetLogFileSizeAsClient routine

The ClfsMgmtSetLogFileSizeAsClient routine sets the log file size by adding containers to a client log or deleting containers from a client log.


NTSTATUS ClfsMgmtSetLogFileSizeAsClient (
  _In_       PLOG_FILE_OBJECT LogFile,
  _In_opt_   PCLFS_MGMT_CLIENT ClientCookie,
  _In_       PULONGLONG NewSizeInContainers,
  _Out_opt_  PULONGLONG ResultingSizeInContainers,
  _In_opt_   PCLFS_SET_LOG_SIZE_COMPLETE_CALLBACK CompletionRoutine,
  _In_opt_   PVOID CompletionRoutineData


LogFile [in]

A pointer to a LOG_FILE_OBJECT structure that represents the Common Log File System (CLFS) log, or a stream within the log, to which containers are being added or deleted. The value of this parameter is obtained through a call to the ClfsCreateLogFile routine.

ClientCookie [in, optional]

A pointer to a client-supplied cookie. The value of this parameter should be the CLFS_MGMT_CLIENT structure that is obtained through a call to the ClfsMgmtRegisterManagedClient routine.

NewSizeInContainers [in]

The desired size of the log, expressed in the number of containers. There can be at most 1,024 containers for a log file.

ResultingSizeInContainers [out, optional]

The actual size of the log, expressed in the number of containers.

CompletionRoutine [in, optional]

Not used.

CompletionRoutineData [in, optional]

Not used.

Return value

The ClfsMgmtSetLogFileSizeAsClient routine returns an NTSTATUS value.

Return codeDescription

The log file size has been set.


The value of the LogFile parameter is NULL, or the contents of the NewSizeInContainers parameter is 1.


The value of the NewSizeInContainers parameter is NULL.


The installed set of policies on the log is invalid. This might be due to an invalid ClfsMgmtPolicyAutoShrink policy or ClfsMgmtPolicyMaximumSize policy.


CLFS management could not delete enough containers to reach the value in NewSizeInContainers.


A policy on the specified log prevented the operation from completing. This may occur if CLFS management could not add enough containers to the log to reach the value in NewSizeInContainers. This might be due to a conflict with a policy that the client set.


This routine might also return other NTSTATUS values.



Available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.



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