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Retrieves the system time as indicated by the currently-selected date.

BOOL GetCurSel( 
   COleDateTime& refDateTime  
) const; 
BOOL GetCurSel( 
   CTime& refDateTime  
) const; 
BOOL GetCurSel( 
) const;


A reference to a COleDateTime object or a CTime object. Receives the current time.


A pointer to a SYSTEMTIME structure that will receive the currently-selected date information. This parameter must be a valid address and cannot be NULL.

Nonzero if successful; otherwize 0.

This member function implements the behavior of the Win32 message MCM_GETCURSEL, as described in the Windows SDK.

Note Note

This member function fails if the style MCS_MULTISELECT is set.

In MFC's implementation of GetCurSel, you can specify a COleDateTime usage, a CTime usage, or a SYSTEMTIME structure usage.

Header: afxdtctl.h

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