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ATL Connection Point Classes

ATL uses the following classes to support connection points:

  • IConnectionPointImpl implements a connection point. The IID of the outgoing interface it represents is passed as a template parameter.

  • IConnectionPointContainerImpl implements the connection point container and manages the list of IConnectionPointImpl objects.

  • IPropertyNotifySinkCP implements a connection point representing the IPropertyNotifySink interface.

  • CComDynamicUnkArray manages an arbitrary number of connections between the connection point and its sinks.

  • CComUnkArray manages a predefined number of connections as specified by the template parameter.

  • CFirePropNotifyEvent notifies a client's sink that an object's property has changed or is about to change.

  • IDispEventImpl provides support for connection points for an ATL COM object. These connection points are mapped with an event sink map, which is provided by your COM object.

  • IDispEventSimpleImpl works in conjunction with the event sink map in your class to route events to the appropriate handler function.

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