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CSize Class

Similar to the Windows SIZE structure, which implements a relative coordinate or position.

class CSize : public tagSIZE




Constructs a CSize object.



CSize::operator -

Subtracts two sizes.

CSize::operator !=

Checks for inequality between CSize and a size.

CSize::operator +

Adds two sizes.

CSize::operator +=

Adds a size to CSize.

CSize::operator -=

Subtracts a size from CSize.

CSize::operator ==

Checks for equality between CSize and a size.

This class is derived from the SIZE structure. This means you can pass a CSize in a parameter that calls for a SIZE and that the data members of the SIZE structure are accessible data members of CSize.

The cx and cy members of SIZE (and CSize) are public. In addition, CSize implements member functions to manipulate the SIZE structure.

Note Note

For more information on shared utility classes (like CSize), see Shared Classes.

Header: atltypes.h

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