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The EqualTo element is an optional child element of the Query element in Search command requests that contains a property and a value that are compared for equality during a search.

Elements referenced in this section are defined in the Search namespace, except where otherwise indicated by the presence of a namespace prefix (as defined in section 2.2.1).

Command request/response

Parent elements

Child elements

Data type

Number allowed

Search command request (section

Query (section

documentlibrary:LinkId (section

Value (section

container ([MS-ASDTYPE] section 2.2)

0...1 (optional)

The result of including more than one EqualTo element in a Search command request is undefined. The server MAY return a protocol status error in response to such a command request.

The Query element is only supported as a parent element in a document library search.

The comparison is made between the value of the Value element and the documentlibrary:LinkId element value.

Protocol Versions

The following table specifies the protocol versions that support this element. The client indicates the protocol version being used by setting either the MS-ASProtocolVersion header, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, or the Protocol version field, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, in the request.

Protocol version

Element support










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