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<RibbonDiffXml> (RibbonDiffXml)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

The root element for all the elements that define custom ribbons.

 <CustomActions />
 <Templates />
 <CommandDefinitions />
 <RuleDefinitions />
 <LocLabels />

The following describes the attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


This element has no attributes.

Child Elements


Element Description

<CustomActions> (RibbonDiffXml)

Contains a collection of actions that can add, replace, or remove items from the ribbon.

<Templates> (RibbonDiffXml)

Contains a collection of ribbon templates.

<CommandDefinitions> (RibbonDiffXml)

Contains a collection of commands that can be referenced by ribbon controls.

<RuleDefinitions> (RibbonDiffXml)

Contains a collection of rule definitions.

<LocLabels> (RibbonDiffXml)

Contains a collection of LocLabel elements.

<RibbonNotSupported> (RibbonDiffXml)

An element included with the RibbbonDiffXml for an entity to indicate that the entity does not support the ribbon.

Parent Elements


Element Description


The root element of the customizations.xml file. Parent element for application ribbons.


The root element for entity definitions. Parent element for entity ribbons.

<form> (FormXml)

The root element for a form. Parent element for form ribbons.



/ImportExportXml/RibbonDiffXml |
/ImportExportXml/Entities/Entity/RibbonDiffXml |

Schema Name

  • RibbonGlobalDiffXmlType

  • RibbonEntityDiffXmlType

Validation File


Can be Empty


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
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