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Windows Server 2003

Returns the name of the originating Publisher for a published database participating in a database mirroring session. This function is executed at a Publisher instance of SQL Server on the publication database. Use it to determine the original Publisher of the published database.

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PUBLISHINGSERVERNAME is used in all types of replication.

PUBLISHINGSERVERNAME is used when a database mirroring session exists on the publication database between the Publisher and a mirror partner instance.

This function must be executed within the context of a publication database. When PUBLISHINGSERVERNAME is executed on a publication database at the mirror server instance of SQL Server, the name of the Publisher instance from which the published database originates is returned. When this function is executed on a database at the mirror server instance that is not published or that is published from the mirror server instance after a failover, the name of the mirror server instance is returned. When this function is executed at the original Publisher instance, the name of the Publisher is returned.


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