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2.2.3 [W3C-XSS] Section 3.8.6, Constraints on Model Group Schema Components


The specification states:

Schema Component Constraint: Element Declarations Consistent

If the {particles} contains, either directly, indirectly (that is, within the 
{particles} of a contained model group, recursively) or ·implicitly· two or 
more element declaration particles with the same {name} and {target namespace}, 
then all their type definitions must be the same top-level definition, that 
is, all of the following must be true:
1 all their {type definition}s must have a non-·absent· {name}.
2 all their {type definition}s must have the same {name}.
3 all their {type definition}s must have the same {target namespace}.


If a model group implicitly contains an element declaration that has the same {name} and {target namespace} properties with a directly contained element declaration, it does not cause an error.

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