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TimelineView.ShowLabelWhenViewingByMonth Property (Outlook)

Returns or sets a Boolean value that determines if labels for Outlook items are displayed when viewing by month in the TimelineView object. Read/write.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .ShowLabelWhenViewingByMonth

expression A variable that represents a TimelineView object.

This property is applicable only if the TimelineViewMode property is set to olTimelineViewMonth.

The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example configures the current TimelineView object to display Outlook items by month, with week number labels on the lower portion of the timeline scale, with labels no longer than 40 characters.

Private Sub ConfigureMonthTimelineView() 
 Dim objTimelineView As TimelineView 
 If Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentView.ViewType = _ 
 olTimelineView Then 
 ' Obtain a TimelineView object reference for the 
 ' current timeline view. 
 Set objTimelineView = _ 
 ' Configure the TimelineView object so that it displays 
 ' Outlook items by month and week, displaying labels 
 ' no larger than 40 characters for Outlook items 
 ' displayed in the view. 
 With objTimelineView 
 ' Display items by month. 
 .TimelineViewMode = olTimelineViewMonth 
 ' Display week numbers. If this value is 
 ' set to False when TimelineViewMode is 
 ' set to olTimelineViewMonth, the day 
 ' numbers are displayed instead. 
 .ShowWeekNumbers = True 
 ' Display labels for Outlook items 
 ' while TimelineViewMode is set to 
 ' olTimelineViewMonth. 
 .ShowLabelWhenViewingByMonth = True 
 ' Show no more than the first 40 characters 
 ' for each Outlook item in the view. 
 .MaxLabelWidth = 40 
 ' Save and apply the view. 
 End With 
 End If 
End Sub 

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