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Assigning a Teacher's Mouse

You can assign special functionality to a specific mouse (for example, the teacher’s mouse) with a pattern of clicks and/or key presses. A common scenario is for the teacher’s mouse pointer to have a custom pointer and access to all areas of the screen.

In the Map sample, the teacher’s mouse has special access to Control Panel; all other mouse devices are excluded from this area. The teacher’s mouse is specified by entering a predefined pattern, in this case an M key press followed by a right-click within two seconds. A custom pointer is assigned to the teacher’s mouse so that it is clearly identifiable.

For examples about how to specify a teacher’s mouse, see:

  • Microsoft.Multipoint.Sdk.Samples.Map.WindowMain.OnKeyDown

  • Microsoft.Multipoint.Sdk.Samples.Map.WindowMain.OnMultipointMouseDown

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