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The EditAllowed element is a required child element of the RightsManagementLicense element (section It specifies whether the content of the original email can be modified by the user when the user forwards, replies, or replies all to the email message.

The value of this element is a boolean ([MS-ASDTYPE] section 2.1). If the value is TRUE (1), the e-mail can be modified by the user; if the value is FALSE (0), the email cannot be modified by the user. The value of this element MUST be set to TRUE (1) if the ExportAllowed element is set to TRUE (1).

A value of FALSE requires that the client MUST exclude the original rights-managed email message from the SmartForward or SmartReply request. Consequently, inline replies are not allowed if the EditAllowed element is set to FALSE. When EditAllowed is set to FALSE and composemail:ReplaceMime ([MS-ASCMD] section is not present in a SmartForward or SmartReply request, the server will add the original rights-managed email message as an attachment to the new message. Conversely, if composemail:ReplaceMime is present, the server will not attach the original rights-managed email message as an attachment.

The EditAllowed element has no child elements.

Protocol Versions

The following table specifies the protocol versions that support this element. The client indicates the protocol version being used by setting either the MS-ASProtocolVersion header, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, or the Protocol version field, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, in the request.

Protocol version

Element support







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